Brian and David were fantastic instructors and made the class very fun!  This was a very fun and exciting weekend!   Thank you!

Lisa M

I was not pleased to hear the DOL was not conducting the testing for the written and skills testing.  I was directed to contact CWMT and was hesitant that this was going to be unpleasant experience.  I am happy to say i was wrong Thank you to Sheryl and Ron and the CWMT crew for making this an easy and pleasant process! Thank you so much for working with me!

Dan J

Thank you for the fun day at the Dirt Bike Class!!! The class was paced just right for our young daughters and the instructor was extremely patient!  We learned so much and had such a fun time!!! 

I never have taken pen in hand before to send a compliment about service i have received.  Thank You!  The Basic Riders Training was such an enjoyable weekend i just had to send compliments to your instructors.  Ron and Art made the class fun, challenging and best of all rewarding.  Thank you so very much!!!

Jennifer H.

Just wanted to let you know it was the best training class I have ever had. The instructors always stayed on task and in my opinion made sure we all met the requirements

Dan DaSilva

Thank you so much for teaching us all the tips on riding. Both of us are constantly in training on the road. We always find an excuse to ride our motorcycles everyday we can. Our daughter road on the back yesterday for the first time and she is 6 going on 7. I think if you guys are still training in about 12 years she might be in your class. We now have a little addict on motorcycles. I thank you so much for building our confidence in pushing our limits to realize its not that scary if you just follow what the teachers show you. I recommend your class to all my friends and i think i have a couple people thinking about it in a year or 2. Anyone wanting to be on a motorcycle i recommend this class to everyone.

Shawn Gilmore and Delena Reiman

I took the beginner class in Wenatchee last weekend. Ron and Mason turned a dreaded weekend class into an enjoyable learning experience. Thank you so much for the guidance and understanding that that you provided in enabling me to acquire my motorcycle endorsement.

Scott Sorensen

I just wanted to let you know what a great experience your course is! My instructors, Mason and Scottia were absolutely fantastic, patient and made us all feel good about our personal achievements during the long weekend we spent together. Also, everyone in the class got along really well. We had a great time learning and having fun together. Everyone should take this course!

Dale Arnberg

I have finished the class and I needed to write you to say how impressed I am with Mason as an instructor. He did a great job and his class was very well laid out. Thank you for the top notch instruction. Thanks again! Happy riding. Thank you.


A big thanks goes to Mason when I retested with another student, because he made us both feel that we could do it and then we did! Thank You!

Cindy Johnson

Sheryl, thank you so much for getting me into the class this past weekend. Mason and Ron were great and I met a dozen fun people. Thanks!

Cindy Johnson

Ron you were a fabulous teacher you made the class so much fun. And as a teacher, i can tell you that students learn WAY better when they are having a good time doing so THANKS!

Trisha Bradley

Ron and Sheryl thank you so much for your participation at the Twisted Wrist we hope to see you next year!

Elisabeth Hull

I would like to thank you for a great experience and a great instructor. I learned a lot more about riding a motorcycle, I enjoyed the class, and Keith made the class a great learning experience.

James Blackledge

The course was very helpful and my skills have improved substantially. I've recommended the course to several of my motorcycle friends!

Steve Starr

I would like to compliment Shawn and Craig on their great manner. Each of their ability to clearly define and demonstrate what needed to be done. Thank you.

Dean Thomas

Thank you for such a great weekend. my husband and I had an awesome time. Bless you!

Laura Ruane

First my son took the class and got his endorsement. He learned so much so quickly that my daughter and I took the class. I was afraid that they would move too quickly for me to keep up. I was surprised and pleased that, though I felt challenged, they always gave excellent instruction and I was surprised to find that I could do everything they asked. I entered the class nervous and a little scared but left the class, 3 days later with my endorsement and loving riding. My daughter also got her endorsement.

Kerri Harris

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