Wednessday May 5th Midweek Intermediate Rider Course

Instructor: Art and Brian

Class Times

Wednessday May 5th 9:00 AM


East Wenatchee

Class Overview

The DOL requires that each rider must complete 4 tests to receive their endorsement- A Permit Written Test, A Permit Skills Test, an Endorsement Written Test and an Endorsement Skills Test. You must have completed your permit testing prior to attending this class as this class will only cover the Endorsement Written test and the Endorsement Skills Test. Your permit must be valid at the time of class. The Intermediate Rider Training is an 8-hour course that enables those successfully completing it to receive their Washington motorcycle endorsement. Classroom instruction include street strategies and mental preparedness for safe motorcycling with range exercise that cover cornering/swerving/stopping/hazard avoidance.

It is designed specifically for riders who are:

  • Experienced with riding motorcycles, but need to complete step two to get their endorsement
  • Returning to riding after a break of several years, but have retained the riding skills and knowledge to successfully complete the course.


Due to Covid-19 CWMT will not be able to provide "loaner helmets" for the class at this time.

You need to bring the following skills to the class:

  • Helmet
  • Able to start, stop and turn the motorcycle.
  • Balance the motorcycle.
  • Shift gears.
  • Must be able to fully control the motorcycle (i.e. start, stop, turn, etc).

If your instructor determines you do not meet the minimum standard to continue, you will be excused from class with no refund offered.

Riders under 18 years old must have a parent or legal guardian sign a waiver form in front of an instructor at the beginning of class.

Cancellation policy- no refunds will be made 6 business days from the start of the class! Refunds are only authorized if you let us know at least 6 business days prior to the class. Refunds will also not be given if you do not complete or pass the course.

May 5th, 2021 9:00 AM   through   4:00 PM
Class Fee
Adult $ 175.00
Under 18 $ 175.00

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Intermediate Riders Subsidized