Intermediate Riders Course

Intermediate Riders Course    (Class dates are listed at the bottom of this page, please scroll down)

The IRT is NOT a Learn to Ride Course. This is an 8-hour class designed for the rider who has ridden for at least a year, has a good degree of knowledge & experience, as well as for the transition from dirt to street rider. MOTORCYCLES ARE PROVIDED FOR THIS CLASS! Riders must be able to ride a motorcycle, riders who are not able to ride will be dismissed from class with no refund and must register for Basic Riders Course.

This class includes the Endorsement Written Test as well as the Endorsement Skills Test. Prior to attending this class- you must complete the Permit Written Test and the Permit Skills Test. WA State requires that riders must complete all 4 tests in order to get their endorsement. You can complete the permit testing portion by either attending a Basic Rider Course, or by attending one of our scheduled Permit Testing Sessions. Please see the DOL Permit Testing tab to register.

Under 18-year-old: to complete the Permit portion, under 18-year-olds can either just come and do permit testing or take a Basic Rider Course, but to complete the Endorsement they must take an Intermediate Riders Course.

If you would like further clarification; please check out the DOL Testing tab and/or visit the DOL's website on how to get your Endorsement- If you have further questions- we would love to have a chat with you- 509-884-6186!

Classes are typically held on a Saturday from 7:30 AM to 3:00 PM. Sometimes they are held on weekdays. Please see our listed IRT classes for available dates and times.

* We Highly Recommend* that you read or study the Dept of License Motorcycle Manual Before taking the class. You can obtain a copy of the manual by visiting Or stop by the DOL and pick up a copy.


$300 Washington Resident any age. Under 18- we must have parent/guardian consent prior to attending.

$375 Non-Washington Resident any age

You must have a Valid Driver’s license to take the class. You must have a WA State Driver’s License to attend the Subsidized class at the discounted rate of $250. If you only have an out of state driver’s license, you will need to pay the additional $75 to attend as WA State helps cover the cost of the class for Washington residents.


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