We are doing permit testing in Moses Lake at Experience Powersports until the motorcycle season is done for this year.  

Moses Lake is the only place that we will be offering testing (ON SCHEDULED DAYS) for the rest of this year.

Please register online.

Text 509-264-1560 if you will be showing up and paying cash so we know to expect you. ONLY 2 BIKES WILL BE BROUGHT IN TO RENT- PLEASE TEXT 509-264-1560 IF YOU WANT TO CLAIM a bike for the test.

Classes and testing in Wenatchee have been cancelled for the rest of the year. 

We are on the search and working hard to find a new location. 

We appreciate your understanding.

       Permit Testing           Endorsement Testing  

          Basic Rider Course         Intermediate Rider Course  



Don't forget to add your Permit & Endorsements onto your license within 180 days of completion through the DOL!!! 

 You can now add Permits and Endorsements online! Go to https://www.dol.wa.gov/onlinesvcs.html 

Click on either "Renew your Driver's License" if you will be renewing as well as adding a Permit or Endorsement,

or "Replace your Drivers License" if you're adding without renewing.

Your Permit or Endorsement will only be added onto your driver's license after YOU complete the process of adding it on the Department of Licensing's website!


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  • Street Bike School

    Basic, Intermediate and Additional Rider Courses
    The BRC is specifically designed for the novice or re-entry rider. The IRT is a class designed for a rider who has ridden for at least a year and has a good degree of knowledge and experience. We have additional courses designed to enhance your skills as a rider.
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  • Adventure Riding School

    Adventure Riding School
    Beginner and Advanced classes
    • Off road riding fundamentals
    • On street and off road skills
    • Traction management
    • Trail safety
    • Closed course skills
    • Guided trail rides
    • Obstacle and hill traversing
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